View Full Version : Trimble / Backpacker PRO App has changed, you might want to upgrade.

Wise Old Owl
08-03-2013, 16:46
Big fan of this for section hiking and discovering what's over the next ridge or find a nearby water hole.. any where. Full topo by moving the map around and loading the tiles you need for the spot you are going...

New changes ...

roads and maps are put together by Bing.

You can load a county of tiles Ariel and topo for $9 to a SD card inside the phone for off tower use. This is free in google maps but you might not get all the tiles.

$3 a month or $30 a year for Elite service maps,topo, digital map and BLM maps.
Weather overlay radar, wind, temps, etc

Just an FYI if there are towers, Google map and Intellicast App can do the same thing... but I wanted to say if you have the Backpacker app you might want to upgrade it.