View Full Version : The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I Run Long Distance.

Sarcasm the elf
08-03-2013, 23:49
While I am not a distance runner myself, I found this comic both wonderful and endearing. I thought that some of you might enjoy it.

"The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I run Long Distance."


Just Bill
08-04-2013, 00:00
I hated every page of that link, speaking sarcastically of course.

Pedaling Fool
08-04-2013, 10:27
"Vanity" section Part 4 reminds me of the different areas of exercise, i.e. running, cycling, lifting, crossfit...It seems they all feel the need to make fun of the other groups, I've even talked to crossfit people that were making fun of "normal" weightlifters. Then you got the road and mountain cyclists that are always bashing each other.

Funny how we get in our own clicks, never really understood that. Must have something to do with our caveman past, i.e. clans competeting against each other for dominance.:-?

08-04-2013, 10:44
"It tasted like the souls of ten thousand unborn panda bears"

WOW - That is inspirational