View Full Version : gregory palasade 80

08-05-2013, 20:05
Has anyone used this pack on a trip? If so how did it hold up for you

08-07-2013, 19:10
Or does anyone have any pros v Cons with Gregory packs

10-08-2013, 08:28
Great pack - very good suspension. Durable. Lots of pockets. I got mine about 10 years ago, but downsized my equipment in favor of lighter weight gear. The Palisade became too big for my needs so I traded it away. However, now that I have kids, I think that pack would make a great Sherpa dad pack.

10-09-2013, 23:16
Great pack...Gregory builds beautiful gear, but quite heavy. If you are carrying over 30-35 lbs, they are great, but my old Palisade was about 6.5lbs empty, I used to product test for them, and put 1000 miles on my old Reality prototype, they've always had a bit of a weight problem.

I would strongly consider the Osprey Aether 70 as well.

Just Bill
10-09-2013, 23:34
Gregory is an excellent pack maker if you are in the heavy hauler category (50L plus) Hero dads, hobbyists(folks slogging 15lbs of camera gear), two weeks worth of food. If none of those fit you, see if you can make a 50L Gregory work. 50L is a pretty doable size even for a traditional backpacker. Sorry to push if you planned on being a heavy hauler- nothing wrong with it- I use a 65L Vortex pack when I need to haul gear, and have used several Gregory's over the years when loads hit 40LBS or more. But 35L-50L is plenty for the AT, Ultralight is typically 35L or less.

Excellent summary too above- Gregory is a cush pack, but heavy. Osprey is generally a better mid range pack. Decent rule of thumb- 25-40lbs Osprey, 40lbs plus- Gregory.