View Full Version : Help planning 5 days on JMT

08-07-2013, 02:19
any suggestion for a five day hike on the High Sierras that ends at the whitney portal (including the climb)? we're 2 guys in our 20's in pretty good shape.
My friend suggested to enter the trail from Bishop; continuing through Bishop pass, Kearsarge pass and Forester, is that doable in 5 days?
plus we're going to be with a rental car and we're short on time. are there any suggestions where to park and how to get back to the car (or to the trailhead, if parking at the end of the trail is the best thing to do)?
Thanks a lot!

08-19-2013, 21:30
When are you planning on going?

Dr. Professor
08-20-2013, 00:43
How many miles a day can you hike at altitude? Will you already be in trail shape? Will you already be acclimatized? How experienced are you?

Are you looking to hike right now or at some future point?

08-20-2013, 03:43
You may want to start at Taboose Pass trailhead out of Big Pine, CA. With side trails (Taboose Pass Trail (http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/inyo/recreation/recarea/?recid=21116&actid=51)/Whitney to Portal) it's about 75 miles