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08-07-2013, 19:03
I'm probably being way too picky, but I want to have the right tent. Lightweight is key for me, but I also want durability. I'm planning to thru hike, and would like a UL 2 person tent. I was very into the BA copperspur UL2, but the discount website I have a prodeal for doesn't have it listed anymore, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to drop more money than I need to on a tent. I am looking at the BA Flycreek UL2, but I plan to hike with my dog, and I'm unsure if the fly creek is durable enough. Is ripstop actually as durable as I would like it to be? A friend who works at an outdoor store set it up with me and it just felt very flimsy. Has anyone had any experience with the Fly Creek and have they been happy with it's durability, and space? It's also not completely free standing, which isn't too big of a deal, but if anyone is frustrated with that, I would like to know. Thanks!

08-07-2013, 19:09
Also, not looking for any advice about the dog - I understand the difficulties - I'm doing the research. Thanks

08-07-2013, 19:14
couldnt tell you about the dog durability issue, but there were many flycreek2s on the trail this year. ive owned one for about 4yrs now, have about 1500 miles on it, starting to show a little wear, but would probably last for a complete thru, it has proven itself to be durable.its not completely free standing but with a little creativity can be tied out on tent platforms in the n.e.

08-07-2013, 19:49
You figure a tent that light is light for a reason... thin material.

I would be afraid the dog's toenails might quickly tear such a thin material to shreds (but I'll add the disclaimer that I've never tried to camp with a dog).

Unless you get better advice from someone who has experience with having a dog in their tent, I would suggest trying some test trips with something cheaper and thicker. My experience with Kelty equipment has been that it's pretty tough. So you might look at doing some test hikes with one of there tents.

I see campmor has the Kelty Grand Mesa 2 on sale for $120 (1/3rd the full price of the FlyCreek). It's about the same size with a minimum weight that is 1lb14oz heavier. But that makes sense given that the FlyCreek floor is 1400oz coated 20D nylon, while the Kelty is 1800oz coated 68D nylon.

08-08-2013, 01:44
I now own a ba copperspur ul2. I'm glad I didn't get anything smaller and it's just for me and my pack but you could could probably fit a medium size dog in it too.

08-08-2013, 06:57
I just received my new Fly Creek 2 from backcountry, they had a 30% off sale. I think they are now sold out. I did some research before buying this tent. Spoke to a few thru hikers some still on the trail and some off now who used this tent. I had nothing but good feed back from those users. One even had his dog on the trail with him sharing the tent. He had no negative comments at all.

Water Rat
08-08-2013, 08:42
I have a Fly Creek 2 and I have 2 dogs (black lab-golden retriever mix). Not sure if your dog likes to paw at things... That could be the deal breaker. Otherwise, I have seen no issues with my dogs in the tent with me. I keep their nails on the short side and the pooches were brought up knowing tents are not where they can act like crazy dogs. There have been a couple of early morning slap fights (one dog must have stolen more of my Exped than the other dog) and paws flew around for a bit, but in the year I have had the tent, I have not had any issues with any tears to the fabric.

Are you more worried about the sides (pawing), or the floor being durable? If it's the floor, just cut a small piece of Tyvek to fit inside the tent.

08-08-2013, 12:14
LOVE my Fly Creek UL2. There is plenty of room in there for a person, a backpack and a dog. Two people: not so much. It's free-standing enough in a pinch. I push my pack back in the foot and it helps pop out the sides there. I was thinking a piece of Tyvek, too, if you worry about the dog.

08-08-2013, 12:33
Yep, tons of Fly Creeks on the trail this year, including my own. The Copper Spur is heavier and roomier, but not sure if it's any more durable, and the Fly Creek 2 should be large enough for one person and a pooch. I would cover the floor (above) with some extra layer to protect it, but will probably eventually get a few smnall holes from the paws, but should be no biggie. I heartily recommend the fly Creek 2. I probably have about 100 nights in mine, mostly solo, but a couple dozen with my wife. rops/holes anywhere.

08-08-2013, 12:34
. rops/holes anywhere. wow, big typo, I meant to say No rips/holes anywhere.

08-08-2013, 15:12
Wow - I can't believe it took me this long to just sign up for this forum and post my question. I swear I've been everywhere on the internet to find the answers you all just posted. Thank you all so much.

08-09-2013, 12:27
Hey Towhee I just realized you are local--didn't know if you knew, we're getting an REI in 2014, at Easton. :)

08-24-2013, 20:27
Has anyone had any experience with the new Fly Creek 1 or 2 platinum tents? Better or worse than the originals?

The Solemates
08-24-2013, 21:17
i have a BA fly creek UL2. my dogs sleep outside.

08-24-2013, 21:50
It depends on the weight of your dog and his/her paws and nails. I have had no issue using my tent with my dog for almost 5 years but I have a 19 pounds Sheltie with wide paws and short nails. If you have a heavy dog and want to use an ultralight tent ,then you need a paw print.( like a footprint but used inside the tent).

Some tents have paw print as an accessory but I think Flycreek is not one of them. The issue with a heavy dog and rip-stop nylon is that the dogs nails can damage the integrity of the fabric for being water proof. Better to use a tyvek or some fabric as a paw print

08-24-2013, 22:58
Has anyone had any experience with the new Fly Creek 1 or 2 platinum tents? Better or worse than the originals? Despite the specs, the FC2 platinum only weighs 3 ounces less on my scales (a pal of mine has the platinum). And it is not as roomy inside because it doesn't have tie-outs on the inner tent like the non-platinum. So I personally think the regular model is better overall, so the platinum is certainly not worth the extra price.

Mr. Bumpy
08-25-2013, 08:31
I'm currently using a CS3 as a two person plus one dog tent. The double zipper and vestibule are more than worth it for the relatively small weight penalty over the Fly Creek. I've never used a Fly Creek but I have had several wedge shaped, one front door tents. I didn't realize how much of a pain they are especially with dogs and multiple people until I got the Copper Spur.

ATL Backpacker
08-25-2013, 19:46
Hey Towhee I just realized you are local--didn't know if you knew, we're getting an REI in 2014, at Easton. :)

Speaking of REI and Big Agnes, several of the BA models are on sale at REI right now. e.g., CS2 for $299. Been following prices on that model for a while and haven't seen it that low before, even from the discounter sites.

Sarcasm the elf
08-25-2013, 20:03
Regarding the dogs and tents. As long as the dog is well behaved and only walks/lays down.on the tent floor you shouldn't have an issue, my dog sleeps in the the tent with me and walks all over my tent floor and thermarest and we've never had a problem. The only damage I've encountered is one time when my buddy's trail dog pawed/scratched at the bug netting inner door, which caused a run in the netting. Just remember that silnylon does not stand up to abrasion well, I suspect that if a dog chose to dig/scratch at a tent floor then it would destroy it.

Cats on the other hand will destroy silnylon almost as soon as they touch it. I learned this the hard way when I left my neo-air to dry in my house and didn't close the door to keep the cats out. I also learned that the neo-air repair kit that thermarest makes works really well. ;)

08-26-2013, 17:00
I'm using Big Agnes fly creek UL2 for my 2013 SoBo thru-hike. Hiking with dog as well.

The tent size is perfect for one person, medium-sized dog, and gear.

I ditched the footprint in harper's ferry, since I never used it. The tent bottom has held up well even with dog moving around inside.

There was one day early in our trip, where I kept her in the tent, while I went off somewhere to run an errand. She tried to escape and ripped a few small holes in the front door/bug mesh. I repaired with few pieces of duct tape, and the tent works just as good.

Have a website if you'd like to follow along: www.atjindo.com

One gripe I have about fly creek is the front entrance. This is my frist tent, but I think if I ever picked up a new one, I'd go with a side entrance.

08-26-2013, 21:11
I would think some creative use of tyvek velcro'd to the inside of the tent floor would solve the potential problem of your dog's nails tearing it up. Probably would add about 6oz to the total weight.

BTW, I opted for the BA Copper spur from Moontrail. Their prices seemed reasonable.

08-26-2013, 22:48
The Copper Spur and Fly Creek use exactly the same materials in the standard models, so don't worry about that. Big Agnes does make heavier versions of many ultralight models that use heavier fabrics.

The knock on the Fly Creek is:
- rain can drip in the tent when the door is open
- front entry (narrow)
- much less headroom

The Copper Spur has a better protected entry, larger vestibule and much easier to exit cause the door is on the long end. I would say the Copper Spur 1 would FEEL just as roomy as the Fly Creek 2