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blue indian
08-07-2013, 19:23
Im looking to buy a ultralight pack (something that weighs around 2lb) for my girlfriend as a gift. I want to get her something without all the bells and whistles that I always found unnecessary weight. For example, I have the elemental horizons kalais....I really like the looks of the golite jam 50 but not sure about the fit for women since is a "unisex" pack. I also really like the price of the pack. I don't expect her to be carry anymore than 20-25lbs. Im mostly wanting to find something that fits her well and that will be comfortable on her.

Can any women with this pack (golite jam) or something similar chime in with your input and thoughts or other suggestions? Or if there is already a thread addressing this, could you point me in the right direction. Did some looking around but couldn't find much. Thanks!

10-23-2013, 15:50
I have a brand-new GoLite Jam 50 in size small (fits torso length to approximately 18 in) that is for sale. I purchased it for my AT thru-hike but did not end up using it. It's a nice pack but I realize after I bought it that I carry too much weight for a frameless pack. It still has the tags on it. I bought it for $100 and will sell it for that amount (postage included). Please send me a pm if you're interested.

10-24-2013, 09:19
I have the Golite Jam50 and the Jam70. My girlfriend has used the Jam50 a number of times in the past and she likes it. The hip belt connects rather close to the center of the pack and there is a seperate strap that slides to allow a better hip hug from the hipbelt to the body. It has decent back padding and a peice of semi-rigid plastic that helps it hold shape and prevent odd shaped things from poking you in the back. I will tell you this though, your not gonna get it off your shoulders. You probably already expect that if you have a frameless pack and it is still a very comfortable pack but because it doesn't have a ridged frame the hipbelt helps a bit, but works more for load stability than anything else so being able to cinch it the hips down to get the weight off the shoulders isn't particularly effective. Either way, I and my Girlfriend like the pack a lot.

03-24-2014, 00:07
Still available: GoLite Jam 50 in small for sale. Will sell for $100 obo. Thanks.