View Full Version : Flamestower - new portable device charging solution

08-08-2013, 14:26
Not too sure about this one. Who'd want to use their fuel to charge a device on a regular basis? In an emergency, ok. Site also claims you can use a campfire, but that sounds like destruction (melted plastic and componentry) waiting to happen.


I've always been interested in renewable energy. Perhaps I'm being overly critical to start. I'll be curious to see how this thing gets field reviewed. It's definitely not crazy heavy at 8oz.

Hill Ape
08-08-2013, 14:48
off grid is also something that interests me. this thing looks like a great concept, but still in its infancy. with a couple evolutions of design, and i bet it gets more practical. and more applicable to backpacking, which doesn't seem to be their target market, maybe unrealized.

i take a different approach. i try not to carry anything battery powered on trail. i'm down to my headlamp and camera

08-17-2013, 19:18
I have a couple of devices that use the same technology ; the BioLite stove and the Power Pot.I purchased both to see how they work not really to use them on the trail.
The Flame Thrower looks like a better way of doing it because it is indipendent from the pot or stove and looks to me that it would work with many types of alcohol, canister as well as at least some wood burning stoves.
Could be good for two or three people to share the weight particularly where solar panels don't work well .

08-17-2013, 21:10
I like it, but it looks like you can't buy it yet.

Wandering Willy
01-27-2014, 20:45
It appears to be a neat little gadget and would probably do good "as seen on tv" but too impractical as a piece of outdoor gear.