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08-04-2005, 08:39
Pics posted in the Hammock Forum.
You asked for it and Jacks R Better has supplied an underquilt that is lighter than the previous version. The Summer Universal Blanket will serve many duties as underquilt for Hennessey hammocks among others, top quilt, capote, and as range boosters in conjuction with another underquilt or top quilt. Construction is typical of Jacks R Better products and that is exceptional. Weight as advertised is 15oz, the one I recieved according to the post office is 14.5oz so truth in advertising is the rule for this company. The colors chosen are most appropriate for hammocking, using a dark color and a light color to foment sun drying and quick assertation as to which quilt you are packing/grabbing.
If you are carrying something like a WM Flight you should strongly consider this blanket as a top quilt and push its limits. For those of you still using pads consider this blanket as an underquilt with a significant weight advantage when used together.
I use most of the quilts and underquilts at home as well as on the trail or when paddle camping. The Summer Universal is obviously suited for home use as well.
Thanks to The Jacks for again answering the hammockers call.
Seems like I work for them but rest assured I dont :)
Cant wait for temps to tumble so I can see just what this unit is capable of.
See there website for more info:
Just remember this quilt is non-baffled and therefore allows the user a great deal of variation as to where the down will lie.

08-05-2005, 22:03
Sounds good medicineman, but do I gather that you now have a JRB nest, arc edge, arc alpinist, golite fur, Wm ponderosa, JRB universal blanket, hennessy supershelter and a speer peapod?
Wowsers! someone loves their hammocking...

08-05-2005, 23:05
but i would trade it all in on two good knees :)
i look at it this way, i pay my child support, pay my taxes, live in a shack and the rest goes into toys...........