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08-04-2005, 08:58
Hi all,

I'm a southbounder who is thinking about picking up some gaiters for rain protection. I've got Goretex boots (Asolo Fugitives) and during a hard all-day rain, my feet only get wet because the rain starts to get into my socks and then drains into my boot. Of course, being Goretex, it then takes a couple days to dry out on the trail.I'm a gaiter newbie - don't have a problem with mud and dirt and other stuff getting in there, I just want something that will keep out the rain. How good are gaiters for doing that? Of course, it has to be lightweight too! Any suggestions? Nothing worse than putting on those wet socks in the morning...

Also, i'm thinking of picking up a radio to catch baseball games and the occasional tune if I want to zone out while hiking - anyone have any good recommendations? I've run into at least 3 nobos who have the $30 radio w/shortwave from Radio Shack. Basically looking for something with great reception, great battery life, and a reasonable price. Oh, and lightweight :).

Thanks for any and all help.

Shian (Barrel Roll)

08-04-2005, 09:23
Don't know about gaiters, but I can recommend the Grundig MiniWorld 100 PE AM/FM/SW radio. I carried one from Vermont to West Virginia last year, and got pretty good reception just about everywhere. I've seen it for $30, but you can get it for $20 if you shop around. J&R Music World in NYC has it, and they ship.

08-04-2005, 10:06
I've used the OR Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters ($16) for years and have been very satisfied. I hike in shorts almost all year and in the winter months I substitute the low gaiters mentioned above for a pair of REI high gaiters ($29). Both of these gaiter styles are of the water repellant nylon variety. I spray a durable water repellant coating on them before use. I tried the totally waterproof gaiters before (Gortex) and found them to be too warm and essentially overkill for the type of hiking I do.

As for a radio ...it depends on what you're willing to spend and how light you want it to be. I own one from Radio Shack. If memory serves correctly it was around $12 and runs on a single AAA battery. It is an AM/FM model that has a clip which can be attached to your sternum strap while hiking. Carried it all the way from Springer to Katahdin in 2003 an never changed the battery. Not always good reception but nice to catch an occasional news flash, weather report, some tunes or the local weather forcast.


08-04-2005, 19:02
Goretex Boots, usually, are so hot they will keep your feet wet regardless of the use of gaiters or the rain. Me and my husband dumped our Gore Boots and got full leather hiking non-gore ones. We use OR low gaiters. My husband uses his old Gore boots to work in the rain and during the winter. They are great to work or hunt in but not to hike or walk long distances.

08-04-2005, 22:49
I sometimes take a zip lock bag and cut it open and duct tape it to my ankle so it covers the top of my running shoes. It's free, and already (often) in your pack. (if you carry ziplocks and duct tape)
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08-05-2005, 00:48
Forget the gaiters/Gore-tex boots and just pick up some trail runners. Happy feet will be the result.

08-05-2005, 10:46
Don't know about the radio thing. I like the low gaiters myself, but only to keep rocks and sticks out of my boots.

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