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08-16-2013, 19:59
Has anyone ever hiked with medicine that has to be refrigerated? If so, how did you keep it cold for multiple days? I am wanting to hike for 5 days and needing to keep medicine cold. Thanks.

08-16-2013, 20:33
Not a lot of options here. First off, the cooler or colder the weather you go hiking in, the easier it will be to keep the stuff cold. Five days in the middle of the southern summer probably isn't going to work too well.

A container made of 2" thick styrofoam and cooled with some dry ice would probably last the longest and weigh the lightest. Depending on how cold you can keep the medicine (insuline?) might determine what you can use to cool it with. If you can't actually let it go below freezing, that might be a problem with dry ice. The only other alturnative would be freezer packs, but these are heavy and don't last all that long. Maybe a day or two. But that might be enough, so long as you can keep the stuff from getting too hot, not being refriderated for a few days likey isn't going to do it a whole lot of harm.

You might just have to become a cold weather, winter hiker. That would be the easiest solution.

08-16-2013, 21:14
Try a Frio cooler:


08-16-2013, 21:16
You saturate a Frio pouch in water, keeps small amount of stuff for days (and easy to resaturate when necessary)