View Full Version : Moosilauke on Monday, if all goes as planned

08-17-2013, 10:33
Current plan is to join Achilles and take a small group up and down the Beaver Brook trail on Monday, if it looks to be a good weather day. Achilles has never been up there with views, and that is not something to be missed.

We may change the itinerary or the day if it looks like it will be socked in, or if we cannot find a few capable and willing people among the larger group.

I'm very excited to return to paradise for all of next week. :)

08-27-2013, 12:24
We ended up making the trip on Wednesday, 8/21/2013, with just Achilles and myself. The day was glorious; clear with a bit of haze, with temperatures in the high 80s F at the lower elevations and close to 70F on the summit. The views were outstanding.

The Beaver Brook Trail was well-maintained, and unlike the last time I was up there (many years ago), the maintainers have upgraded the rebar handhold/steps so that many of them are actually wooden steps anchored to the smooth granite. This made it an easier hike than I remembered, as it removed the necessity to do any pull-ups, although with a 3100' elevation gain over 3.8 miles one must still categorize it as difficult.

We were fortunate to meet Yankee Clipper on the way up and spend a bit of time with him on the summit. When we descended to the parking lot, we saw current NOBO thru-hiker Lighthouse with his thumb out on route 112, and brought him into Lincoln. We treated him to a burger and a beer, and drove him to where he planned to spend the evening. Incidentally, the burgers were excellent at http://blackmtnburger.com/ (http://blackmtnburger.com/).

Overall, we had a fantastic day.

coach lou
08-27-2013, 12:31
Was Nema with Achilles? They were together on Smarts Mtn.

08-27-2013, 16:48
Well, I'm jelly! That was one of the best views on the trail!

08-27-2013, 20:44
Was Nema with Achilles? They were together on Smarts Mtn.

Lou, you must be referring to a different Achilles. I hiked with my son Jake (Achilles, NOBO 2012) and we only had time for a day trip up and down via Beaver Brook.

coach lou
08-27-2013, 20:49
close, but no cigar! Ha! I shared after dinner coffee with Nema & Achilles on the 17th on Smarts Mountain.:D