View Full Version : Conditioning: Mt. Marcy vs. the AT

08-18-2013, 21:48
Looking for a comparison of the 7 mile hike up Mt. Marcy, NY compared to some of the more difficult climbs along the AT. I hiked it last month as a test of my conditioning, and found it a tough climb with 25 pounds on my back. I thought I was in good shape, but the rocks from mile 3 to the top beat me up! Any thoughts?

08-18-2013, 23:11
Did you stay at the Loj?

08-18-2013, 23:16
Marcy from Johns Brook is a fairly easy hike. Marcy from Adirondack lodge via Avalache pass is much tougher and more typical of the medium hard parts of the AT. Marcy via Algonquin would be close to as hard as the AT is going to get.

08-18-2013, 23:54
I wouldnt lump marcy in the same category as the hardest climbs on the At. rarely on the AT will you only do 1 peak and call it a day. only 2 places where this will happen are mooselake(maybe) or katahdin(definetely). even then, marcy is much more gradual of a climb where as katahdin gets down to business immediately.

Hiking from panther gorge to either skylight or haystack (2000+ft gain in under 2 miles)will give you a better feel of the toughest climbs on the at in the high peaks i think. Or go climb any peak that is about 1000ft incline per mile. Now think about that grade for about 4 miles

08-19-2013, 00:55
Thanks for the replies! I did start from the Loj at about 8am, and took the Van Hoevenberg Trail via the Avalanche Pass, 7 miles to the top. The first 2 miles are level; the next 5 miles climb 3500+ feet, so a fair pitch. 5 hours up and about the same down and a good wake up call to get into better shape! One of the hiking guides rate this climb a "5 out of 7" in difficulty, whatever that means... Anyhow, rewarded with great views from the top!