View Full Version : Long Trail shuttle Burlington to Journey's End - and Bag Q

08-20-2013, 11:48
Looking for a shuttle from Burlington to Journey's End or somewhere near there on Friday August 30th or Saturday, August 31st for my SOBO E2E hike.

I have a call into the GMC for their list and the End to Ender's guide is on its way, but I thought I'd see if I got any hits here.

Also, can't decide if I should take 35 degree bag or 20 degree bag. I usually sleep warm, but I want to be prepared.

Thanks All.

08-20-2013, 22:41
Last year about this time we had a long discussion on WB about what sleeping bag would suffice in September on the LT. 10-K used a WM Highlite 35 deg bag in August on his E2E hike. I was asking if the same bag would work in September, along with wearing some baselayer or insulating layers if needed on extra cold nites. I ended up using the WM Highlite on my hike from 9/5 to 9/16 (had to get off trail at Waitsfield), and it was more than enough for the nights during that time period. This year I'm using a WM Summerlite 32 deg bag. As far as shuttles, the guide book lists Steve Merrill as doing shuttles from North Troy, VT. Steve Merrill (North Troy) 802.988.2958 email [email protected] (Journey’s End to Burlington)
****please arrange pick up with Steve at least a week in advance. Have a good hike, maybe we'll meet on the trail, I'm starting nobo on 9/5 this year.

08-26-2013, 08:51
Thanks for the specific info! I'm now all set. Will hit the trail soon.

lemon b
08-26-2013, 16:15
A true 30 will work, But I'd suggest a smartwool shirt cause a cheap 30 will not work. Trust me a cheap 30 is a total crap shoot. Both are without a good pad.