View Full Version : looking for simple gps/weather/clock device

08-20-2013, 14:24
I'd like to find a simple device for gathering gps/weather/clock data.

Basically, I want to be able to get a current static reading of altitude and gps coordinates, but not real-time constant data.

As well, I'd like the device to also display temperature and have a clock/alarm function.

Does anyone know of such a device?


08-20-2013, 15:14
Do you want it in a watch or discreet device?

How about a smartphone with satellite (not just cellular triangulation) GPS?

08-20-2013, 15:54
Either watch or smallish device would be fine.

I've thought about using my android for that task, but haven't tested any apps for that yet. Do you have any experience with using a phone this way?

Ideally, at least in my mind, taking watch bands off and having a small watch face in my pack seems like a great idea. Maybe a band or carabiner to hang in my hammock/tent.

08-20-2013, 23:45
I use an LG Incite Windows Media 6 smartphone and the Turbo GPS app. The Incite has a built- in GPS CHIP. I make my own AT topo maps for use with the app. The app will also SMS your lat/long.

Turbo GPS 2 is available in the Google Play Android store. Just need to find an Android phone or tablet with a built- in GPS chip. A-GPS uses cell towers and not satellites, so ensure the device has true GPS capability.

The new Earl backwoods tablet should be available soon. It's an Android tablet with built in GPS chip and a 100k map set. Http://meetearl.com

08-20-2013, 23:50
I like the smart phone idea. Gut hook apps are great. They show where you are on the trail. plus other gps goodies. clock alarms camera, phone weather . there are altitude apps temp apps. compass, A smart phone now a days just seems like the best way to go.

08-21-2013, 21:50
thanks for the recommendations, that guthook at guide looks nice.