View Full Version : First World Problems...

08-22-2013, 11:01
So we've bribed our college daughter to come home & watch the dog & house,( big kids play-time), booked our room & shuttle at the Hiker
Hostel, & escape to springer for a four day pilgrimage to Neel Gap over labor day weekend. Problems you ask? Man, figuring all the sweet spots to visit & camp! Example: Short first day of terminus, long creek falls then tent at Hickory Flatt cemetary for the creepy/ cool factor! Or maybe camel up and go to sassafras. But what about Ramrock mountain, or Big Cedar with their views? I've came up with four different itineraries to try & satisfy my planning OCD to no avail! *sigh* poor me! But seriously, who else out there in Whiteblaze land is gonna be out on this section gooofing off for the long labor day weekend?

08-22-2013, 11:50
You made me laugh, freeholden! We too have a college daughter that we'll be leaning on from time to time to babysit our stuff. I smiled at your itinerary/planning description - the trail is a lot of fun in anticipation, isn't it?

We won't be out there with you, but I wanted to wish you well on your trip. It's a good section, and a good time of year to do it. Happy trails!

08-22-2013, 12:07
Glad to hear someone else has survived teenage girl(s) years & can't wait to FINALY get some "just us" time!! The girl says she's withdrawing my nomination for father-of-the-year for black mailing her...LoL. We'll probably end up winging it and have some fun on our mini adventure...