View Full Version : Baxter: Shuttle & Parking Info needed

08-06-2005, 14:21
Hello, I'm planning a section hike from Monson to Katahdin in September. I would like to leave a car at the Katahdin end and get a shuttle to Monson. I have noticed that there is no long term parking at Baxter, so I'm wondering what other folks have done to solve this problem. Also, any shuttle recomendations would be appreciated. I used Shaw's last year south of Monson, but have not checked with him yet about this stretch. Thanks for any help. Jim.

08-06-2005, 16:09
I will be in that area during the dates of Sept 22 to Sept 30 and will be offering shuttles out of Millinocket and other places. All depends of course on when my husband and I will summit Katahdin (he's thru hiking).

Don't know if that helps you. Let me know....

Jack Tarlin
08-06-2005, 16:45

In past years, many folks left their cars at the Shaws' while they did this section, and then arranged with Keith or his son to get picked up at Baxter.
The charge for leaving a vehicle was minimal.

I am quite sure that Keith Shaw, Jr. is still offering this service; you can reach him at (207) 997-3597.

Tramper Al
08-06-2005, 19:31
A friend and I have just finalized our shuttle arrangements for our 100 Mile Wilderness hikes in late August. Shaws is definitely offering the shuttle from Abol Bridge to Monson - to start your hike. With the price of fuel and the miles involved, the shuttles are not cheap. We have opted to pay just a little bit more and have arranged a float plane charter flight from Millinocket (just outside the park) down to Spectacle Pond, Monson, on the AT. We will be hiking back to our cars. It is our understanding that parking is permitted in the couple of lots on the Golden Road at Abol Bridge, outside the park. We are hoping for clear weather and thinking this is a fine way to fly 100 miles over and into the 'wilderness', then hike back to BSP and Katahdin.