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08-06-2005, 22:26
Almanac and I finished the Colorado Trail yesterday and will be back home in a few days. It was a great trail and we will post more later with pics. We also finished with Dirty Bird '03.

08-06-2005, 22:44
Congrats ...the CT is in my back yard and I haven't done it yet. Looking forward to reading your log and seeing your pics.


08-07-2005, 12:26
Almanac, I heard you and Profile were going to be on the CT and I kept an eye out for you. I finished last Friday, so you must have been following behind me by a week. Great trail, don't you think?!! Can't wait to see your pictures because mine certainly do not do the trail justice.

-- Matt "BookBurner" Roane


08-09-2005, 11:50
Well, it was a AT 2003 reunion here in Boulder. Almanac and Dirty Bird all crashed at my apt last night. DB is definitely crashing at my place tonight, possible Almanac and Profile if they can't get back to Atlanta! They graciously let this AT98er hang out with them. :)

Smiley also met up with us in Boulder last night as well. Profile has a dentist appointment today near Smiley's house, so he stayed with him.

Interesting story how everyone ended up in Boulder.

All three finished earlier than expected. They tried calling for me on a weekend. As usual, was not home. They get into Boulder still hoping to find me. No dice as i did not get home until after midnight on Sunday.

The three of them are at an intersection in Boulder. They have their packs, hiking poles and Profile has a bounce box. A man runs up to them and asks "Are you hikers ?!?!". Turns out it is Chuckie..a 2002 PCTer here in Boulder who knows me fairly well! They stay at Chuckie's house Sunday night and met up with me yesterday.

Small hiking world indeed!

Chuckie thought they were just seriously lost...the CDT is about 1 hr or so away from Boulder. :D

So everyone is doing OK. They are enjoying downtown Boulder. DB, Smiley, Profile and I enjoyed Boulder perhaps a bit too much last night. Amazing how one beer turned into 4 beers and a shot. :eek: Strong coffee is good when you have to work at 8am..ahem.

08-09-2005, 14:32
AT Class of 2003. We were the class that defied months of rain. Keep on rocking...

08-09-2005, 15:54
It's looking like Profile, Almanac, Bookburner and my daughter and I will be doing a presentation at an REI in Atlanta during September on hiking the CT. Several different perspectives will be covered (solo thru-hike, thru-hiking as a couple, section hiking with a daughter/father).

I'll post more details as they become available. Should be fun!