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08-26-2013, 15:20
The wife and I are doing PA 183 to Swatara Gap over Labor Day. Hertlein Campsite the first night, William Penn shelter the second. Just wanted to check and see if anyone had any advice, particular things to see, etc. I'm assuming that with the very wet summer we've had in PA that water won't be as much of a problem as usual, but just want to see if anyone has any more recent info. Also, I've seen some posts from the last couple of months saying that some parts of the trail in that area have been overgrown, and wanted to confirm if that is true as well. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!

Rain Man
08-27-2013, 00:14
Hertlein Campsite the first night... Just wanted to check and see if anyone had any advice, particular things to see, etc.

Supposed to be a pretty nice pond down a blue-blaze trail from that campsite. I didn't know that when I hiked through in April. Wish I had known and checked it out.



08-27-2013, 22:03
At Hertline, there are a couple of tent pads right along the main trail, but if you go down the blue trail a short distance, you'll find the old power dam (small rural communities used dams like this one to generate their own electricity WAY back in the day). THE WATER IS EXTREMELY COLD AND DEEP...really cold.... At William Penn/Blue Mtn Spring & campsite, the spring is on the north side of the ridge and was running like crazy last weekend when we were up cutting the brush back. (I had to leave early, so I don't know how far the rest of the crew went, but it should be reasonable at least 1 mile south of the shelter.) The poison ivy is getting really nasty up there - it's everywhere - so be careful. There is also a stream near the "abandoned power line" lookout about 2+ miles south of the shelter. This one is also down the north side of the ridge - follow the power line right-of-way down and when this trail turns left, charge straight ahead for a long stone's throw. (Filter this source.) BTW, the views from this lookout are great, but watch out for the rattlers!

08-30-2013, 07:33
Thanks, Shelterbuilder!