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08-26-2013, 17:45
Planning a 4 day trip for late Oct, and considering Iron Mt gap to Dennis Cove...

Anybody care to share some anecdotal weather experience up there for that time of year?

Who would be the best contact for a shuttle?

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Gray Blazer
08-26-2013, 18:03
I wish I could find the pic of the sign from the gap by Overmountain Shelter cuz it is extremely anecdotal about the local weather there. I know the date is September 27 17-something orother and it talks about the snow that was up over the horses hooves of the Overmountain men on their way to King's Mountain to fight the British.

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The Cleaner
08-26-2013, 18:13
The weather at that time of year is very unpredictable here in the Southern Mtns. I have been snowed on as early Oct 4th just above Erwin. On the other hand it could be warm , with temps in the 60s, even at the higher elevations. It will always be cool to cold at night and winds could add to that. Rain is the worst, because you can't see much from the open bald areas between Carver's Gap to 19E. Also it could be a "warm" rain for several days or turn cold and then snow. I have found that certain weather systems develop and can last many days then may be followed by good weather which is a great time to be in that area. If you'd like, send me a PM closer to your departure date and I'll be able to give you the latest in weather patterns for this area. :)

08-26-2013, 21:27
Ooh, I've got one for you! Wednesday, October 29, 2008. Actually, 4" of snow fell the prior day around Roan Highlands, with 6" atop Roan. Wednesday dawned bright and clear, with the temperature at 10F degrees at Carver Gap with sustained winds of 40 mph on the Balds gusting to 70 mph! I was wearing every piece of clothing I owned, but I hadn't brought the gaitors so some snow snuck in through the top of my boots and got my feet wet as I sludged the 15 miles down to Mountain Harbour B&B and Hostel (call there for a shuttle).

Most of the lowlands snow melted the following day as the temps pushed back toward 60.

Here's a picture from my gallery of the ice-encrusted bushes bordering the trail near Jane Bald:


Other wintry scene pics can be found in my gallery when you search for Kerosene and "October 2008".

Mr. Bumpy
08-26-2013, 21:58
I remember the third weekend in October 2011 there were six inches of snow on Mt. Mitchell. You can also have a year where you could lay out during that time of year. Be prepared for anything.

08-26-2013, 22:40
23695 I think this is the picture gray blazer was wanting

Gray Blazer
08-27-2013, 07:36
23695 I think this is the picture gray blazer was wanting

Thank you. I find that to be very anecdotal.

08-27-2013, 10:06
Another vote for Mountain Harbour Hostel....they know the area well. (866) 772-9494

Gray Blazer
08-28-2013, 09:53
Here's a clearer pic. No wonder I couldn't find it. It was the 5th pic in my gallery.


miassis dragon
08-28-2013, 14:18
With the weather we had this year, I would suggest be prepared for windy conditions at times and cold weather at night. There is a hostel about 1/2 mile to a mile down the road from the parking lot at Dennis Cove but I can't remember the name. They may hook you up with a shuttle.

08-30-2013, 17:25
Call Mountain Harbor Hostel. They have excellent rates and know what they are talking about. They will shuttle you around the area. You can leave a car with them as well if that is a good ending spot for you. I've heard tales of break ins around this area so parking on their land seemed like a good bet for us.

09-05-2013, 12:03
Thanks all, exactly what I needed. I knew there was serious potential up there, but was hoping that was not the norm, which it looks like crap shoot is the norm. Speaking of Oct. 29th, Kerosene, that's my birthday - 50 this year, thus a 50 mile hike to celebrate. Going to look at doing another 50 mile section - I can take, and like, cold weather but I'm afraid of the potential misery factor up there.

09-05-2013, 14:17
We will let you know in early November.
Better yet, you tell us in early November what the weather was like in late October.
Weather can only be accurately discussed in historical terms.
As always: "Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst."

NC-TN mountain weather...


Have fun!


09-07-2013, 23:46
October is a beautiful time to be in that area. With the low humidity, you can see forever from the balds. I've been there in November when it was 9 degrees with a 40mph wind on top. Just be prepared with a last minute weather report, and have a great trip.