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08-07-2005, 11:36
Just a straight forward question. how do you use a bounce box? and how much does it cost to bounce a box all the way to maine?

08-07-2005, 13:38
My bounce box contained items that I did not want to carry between towns. These included my camera charger, cell phone and charger, bottles of things like hydrogen peroxide, contact solution, etc. (which I then had small droppers of in my pack), and other misc. items. I also had my 15-degree bag in my bounce box, because the weather was screwy this year and would get cold all of a sudden. If I got into town and the weather was changing, I would swap out my 35 degree bag for the 15 degree.

Here's the trick though - send it Priority mail. That way, if you don't need any of the contents in the box when you get into town, you can forward it FOR FREE to the next town. So, my box cost approx. $5 every time I sent it, but I didn't "access" it every time, so I didn't end up having to spend the money for every town.

GA->ME 2005

08-07-2005, 15:55
Thanks a bunch boomerang, and by the way congrats on completion. I pretty much followed your journal all the way to maine via www.trailjournals.com/boomerang (http://www.trailjournals.com/boomerang) while I got ya what is CIB? If anybody else has info please, I need it.

Crazy Larry #1
08-07-2005, 16:09
well, first of all you need a rubber box that ain't too much bigger in diameter than a basketball and then you'll have to figure it out how to bounce the thing before you go hiking....once you got this down pat then start taking short walks in the woods while bouncing it and after awhile you will be on your way.....if you happen to make it all the way to maine while performing this impossible feat, you'll surely make to dave letterman and jay leno telling us and giving us all a demostration on how it was done....but don't expect to hold that record because the likes of flying brian and such will come along to set a new record....

08-07-2005, 17:01
I asked for a normal answer not something from the peanut gallery but thanks.
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Crazy Larry #1
08-07-2005, 20:23
I asked for a normal answer not something from the peanut gallery but thanks.
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The Cheesewhizhahahaha, i couldn't resist....my apologies if you were offended....

08-07-2005, 20:46
Just a straight forward question. how do you use a bounce box? and how much does it cost to bounce a box all the way to maine?====================================
Check on this but in order to bounce an unopenned box "free" I'm pretty sure it has to be a "Priority Mail" box in the first place. That is the method I would suggest anyway, since it gets a little better handling and faster service.

In 2003 I bounced a box all the way from Georgia to Maine. Mainly contained the same items as have already been mentioned. Another nice thing is that if you bounce the box and know you won't be there to pick it up ...or don't need anything in it, you can actually just call the post office on the phone and they'll handle it for you. I did that several times and never had a problem.


08-07-2005, 23:29
Bounce boxes are a great way to be self sufficient out there. After 2 or 3 thru-hikes, it's not always easy to find someone back home to be shipping you stuff you need every hike. So, you should know what you might need and put it in the bouncebox. Maps, chargers, town clothes, extra sox,shoes, sleeping bag liners, dried food (that you dried for your hike), food you can't get everywhere,extra ziplocks, duct tape, fuel containers (whoops did i say that?), and things you want to experiment with, (not carrying that big swiss army knife on the next section, and trying a box cutter or razor blade instead), it's a good idea to keep packing tape in the box too and then cut off 3 or 4 pieces to seal up the box BEFORE you pack it. I'm sure there's many other items but these are the things that i use the bouncebox for. other suggestions?

08-08-2005, 16:43
Thank you very much everybody!! And the only wanderer, you did not offend me I was actually expecting someone to say it! If anyone has any sense of humor at all you would have to expect!

Jack Tarlin
08-09-2005, 16:54
For anyone interested in this subject, there's some very good stuff (especially POG's article) in the ARTICLES section of Whiteblaze that deals with mail, parcels, packaging, etc.