View Full Version : Foodsaver Not holding a seal

08-27-2013, 14:17
My Foodsaver will seal a bag but a few days later the bag will have Air, I'm thinking it must be the bag, but I'm using foodsaver brand the roll that you can cut to size. Any ideas on what the issue may be or anything I can try is welcome.

08-27-2013, 14:43
I have that problem sometimes also. Check to make sure your cutting your bags larger enough so that none of the food is getting sucked up into the part of the bag that is going to be sealed. I have tried different bags and have had that problem with most of them on occasion. Some times I just double seal my bags by sealing the first bag then placing it in another bag and sealing that also. Cost me more money but it eliminates that frustration that comes with realizing a food bag hasn't sealed properly while I'm out on the trail. All that being said your food should still be fine to eat it just will not last quite as long as it would have with a proper seal.

Dobie Swift
08-27-2013, 14:49
I've had the problem with food I dehydrated. Seems as if the sharp corners of pasta and rice puncture the pouch. One remedy, albeit a bit wasteful, is to either double pouch it as the person above me stated, or put the dehydrated food in a Ziploc and then put the Ziploc in the Foodsaver pouch and seal it.

08-27-2013, 15:17
i have same issues. . .think it's from foods that might be crunchy/crispy/sharp. i reused my ziplock bags, so sometimes i use an older & cleaned ziplock bag for the food/meal, then vacuum seal it. so far that's working best.


08-27-2013, 21:29
Thanks all for the replies so far i‘m going to try the ziplock bag solution and see how that works out.

Stir Fry
08-27-2013, 22:00
Clean the parts that do the sealing. I even a little dirty you will lose the seal.

08-29-2013, 00:47
Another vote for doing a good, thorough cleaning.

09-01-2013, 11:14
My main problem is getting holes in the bags from the product within. My dehydrated hamburger I place in a snack size Ziploc, and noodles or rice gets a half sheet of paper towel to protect the bag. Works a lot better this way IMO.