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08-29-2013, 13:22
Haven't used my beer can alcohol stove in a very long time.
When I hiked in '06 I was buying Heat, the gasoline additive, at convenience stores. The yellow bottle, not the red.

Headed back to the trail this weekend for a 3 week hike.

Is Heat still available? Didn't see it at my 7-11.
What other brands are out there and easily available that folks are using these days?


boulder '06

Another Kevin
08-29-2013, 13:26
Heet is still available, and you still need to use the yellow bottle, not the red. But (except for trail towns) it can be hard to find in the summer, because it's for gas line de-icing, and motorists use it only in cold weather.

Denatured alcohol (found in any paint or hardware store) also works well. S-L-X lacquer thinner is a common brand, but a lot of the "big box" stores have their own house brands. It will say "denatured alcohol" on the label.

08-29-2013, 13:36
Thank you!
I'll look around.
Only going out for 3 weeks, so one bottle may be enough.

08-29-2013, 16:17
Found it!

Ready to go!