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08-30-2013, 11:51
Anybody out there using the Gossamer Mariposa U/L Pack. I'm thinking about replacing my Gregory Baltaro 65, which is almost 6 lbs. empty, with the Mariposa which is 30 ozs. . They have a sale on right now. Any info on durability, comfort, ease of getting stuff in and out, would be appreciated. Thanks

08-30-2013, 12:26
Mine is older than the last two revisions but I love it! Check out:


08-30-2013, 12:31
I absolutely love mine and use it for all my winter camping.

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08-30-2013, 14:55
I just ordered one, that's a great sale going on right now. I have the Gorilla and absolutely love it. It is one of the most comfortable packs I have ever owned. I'm counting on the Mariposa to be of similar quality.

08-30-2013, 15:30
GG packs are fine and that does look like a good sale. I've been using them for many years and I'm about to buy a new one too.

Please don't make the mistake of trying to over pack it--it will not do a good job of carrying everything your Gregory could!

08-30-2013, 16:28
Mine is also an older model. One of the best packs I own and use. Due to the mesh pockets I don't use it for serious bushwhacking trips but for almost all others I do. The mesh pockets are great on trail. The lower right pocket is a breeze to grab and replace a water bottle without removing the pack. The aluminum stay is removable in mine and I oftn will use it in other frameless packs when I need a bit extra. The Y-strap works great to compress down the contents at the top. This is especially useful when the extension collar has gear in it. I have found that the pack geometry makes it easier to only have soft squishy gear in the extension, else the strap want to push hard stuff away from your back. Great pack, it has held up very well for the use it has gotten.

rusty bumper
08-31-2013, 08:56
I bought a Mariposa Plus pack in 2010 and used it for my 2,181 miles on the AT in 2011/12. I couldn't have been any happier with this pack. The external mesh pockets were perfect for carrying anything that I didn't mind getting wet...water bottle, rain jacket and pants, alcohol fuel, Aqua Mira, tent and rope for hanging food bag. The size was just right for my max base load of 16 lbs. Without my cold weather clothing, my base load dropped to 14 lbs (with a corresponding drop in volume), and the pack was just a bit too big. The max total load I carried just a couple of times was around 30 lbs with the addition of food and water, and the pack handled it just fine. I did a few minor sewing repairs along the way, but at the end of my hike, the Mariposa was still in real good shape.