View Full Version : Three Forks Autumn - Video

08-31-2013, 14:42
I spent a crisp November day exploring an area called Three Forks which is located deep in the North Georgia Mountains. This area is where Long Creek, Chester Creek and Stover Creek come together to form Noontootla Creek which is known for its wild mountain trout. I also spent a little time hiking on the Benton McKaye and Appalachian Trails which cross through the area. By accident I found a waterfall that I later learned is named Long Creek Falls. Despite a dry period it still had a pretty good water flow.


max patch
08-31-2013, 15:23
Nice video. Obviously not shot with a cell phone!

I saw LCF late one winter a few years ago after several days of very heavy rain. You wouldn't have recognized it.

max patch
08-31-2013, 15:29
I just saw your AFSP video. You are very talented; I've bookmarked the site and intend to view your other videos. Thanks for posting.

08-31-2013, 15:33
Thanks for the kind words. Nature video is what I do. Been hiking in N. GA for over 30 years and now branching out to other states.