View Full Version : zpacks arc blast....work of art in a back pack

09-01-2013, 15:46
got a few trips on this pack....truely is a work of art in a back pack. cannot find any faults in it. first pack ive had that the water bottle pockets are effortless to use and you dont have to dislocate you shoulder to use them..could not be happier with the money spent

09-01-2013, 16:18
Nothing surprising. It's what I've come to expect from Joe. Have you seen or used custom Mchale, Zimmerbuilt, etc packs or those by CiloGear or just custom ordered(tweaked) a pack yourself from some of the UL cottage industry backpack manufacturers. Those folks work hard to give it to you right!

09-01-2013, 20:48
I'm in Maine near the end of my thru. I've used the Arc Blast the whole way and it's done well. My only change rec would be to use another material on the bottom. In places like the Mahoosuc Notch the hybrid cuben material took a beating.

09-01-2013, 21:01
Imagine if it wasn't hybrid cuben or a lighter wt cuben. Trade offs trade offs trade offs with UL gear.