View Full Version : Bailout options from Carlo Col shelter (NH/ME border)

09-01-2013, 21:20
First time I have needed to do this, but I need to bailout from my Gorham to Grafton Notch section. Thunderstorms are projected tomorrow, which generally makes Mahoosuc Notch a bad idea, and I am unable to wait them out.

Carlo Col Trail to Success Pond Rd looks like the best option, but any other ideas would be welcome. Going to try to hitch out while walking to Berlin, NH.

Down to 20 percent on phone, so signing off for now.


09-01-2013, 22:22
Yes, that is the quickest way out. You might get lucky with a ride, lots of camps accessed from along that road and it's a holiday weekend. The weather will continue to be unsettled for most of the coming week too, hopefully for just a bit in the afternoons.

09-02-2013, 16:16
Hoofed it to Gorham Walmart from Berlin, no one even slowed down. Did get a hitch to Berlin from Carlo Col Trailhead. So safely off trail, but 7 miles from car...

09-02-2013, 17:10
Miss Janet was in the Walmart parking lot, so the bailout is complete. She's thinking about starting bake sales at trailheads, as her lottery winnings have run out... ;) Road walking no fun. My first major trail magic, awesome...