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09-05-2013, 07:40
Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch, will compete with Sony's SmartWatch 2 and a possible Apple iWatch

... the first smartwatch from the world's number one smartphone maker was launched on Wednesday ... Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch.Samsung's Galaxy Gear links with one of the company's new smartphones, the Note 3, and will allow users to see details of some messages received by the phone, answer and place calls, run a number of apps written for the device and take pictures with an internal camera.
... the Galaxy Gear is very much a companion for a smartphone. It maintains a Bluetooth link with a paired phone and most of the apps rely on software or data on the phone for their usefulness. There is no independent cellular connection from the watch itself. ... will work within a couple of meters of the phone -- and not just any phone. Initially it will only be compatible with Samsung's Note 3, which is launching the same day, and Samsung plans to expand support to some of its other recently sold phones. But the company doesn't appear interested in providing support for older phones or non-Samsung handsets. ... basic display on the watch is a clock ... a number of different styles and also have other information displayed, such as the local weather or the number of steps taken as counted by a built-in pedometer. ... most useful functions is the Gear's ability to provide message and call alerts. Users can answer or silence an incoming call from their wrist -- the watch includes a speaker and microphones -- and see details of SMS text messages and emails received through Samsung's app on the phone. But messages that come through the Gmail app and alerts from apps like Twitter and Facebook will only show on the watch as message notifications. To see details, users will have to pick up their phone. ... built-in dialer also allows calls to be placed from the watch. It has a built-in speaker and dual noise cancelling microphones so it can act as a handset. ... will launch in around 140 countries beginning Sept. 25. It will arrive in the U.S. in early October through cellular carriers and is expected to cost around $299, according to Samsung.

09-05-2013, 07:56
Man, I've all but sworn off all this techno stuff...but these guys/gals are sure making it hard when they keep comin out with all this neato stuff...I'm still waitin for the X-ray glasses of the 70's to come to fruition...then I can see what's in my food bag without shootin it down from the tree each time I wanna take a peek.

just heard this morning that 2016 a car that drives itself will be out...exponentially spooky stuff comin down the pike.;) and at the same time very exciting.

Wise Old Owl
09-05-2013, 08:02
Don't need xray glasses - just someone to hike in front of you...