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08-08-2005, 22:04
I suppose this should be in a "photos" area but this seems like the most active part of the board...Just as a quick background..I used to hike a lot way back in the early-late 70`s then went in the military a few years and when I came out resumed some hiking..I tested and sold backpacking equipment from the early 80`s-mid 90`s...It`s always been a part of my life...To make a long story short, last year I suffered what the doctors called a "very severe" heart attack..I was actually dead for a few minutes but luckily the paramedics were able to restart my heart after shocking me and pumping me full of adrenaline..They said I just made it by a few minutes and that only about 10-15% of people survive an episode like mine..However I lost a good bit of heart function and still get pains and palpatations if I get my heart pumping to hard..Anyway, I am unable thus far to do any serious hiking although I go a couple of miles on the C&O Canal at a leisurely pace every few weeks..I get a lot of pleasure out of looking at all the photos you guys and gals post of your trips on the AT and it brings back a lot of wonderful memories..(I lost most of my photos of my hiking trips one time when my brother who had possesion of them was evicted from his apartment)..You guys are living the best times of your life..Don`t ever let it slip by and not be appreciated or remembered..Take lots of photos and cherish them...I hope to start pushing myself harder once the weather cools some in the fall and I can exercise more outdoors and that I can make some day treks up on the AT starting next year..Until then I once again thank you for all the nice photos especially of the places I remember spending so many happy times at :welcome