View Full Version : replacement hose for a hydration pack/ Here is the info

09-08-2013, 20:48
For those of you wanting to know the size of hose to purchase from Lowe's/ Home /Depot.

You will need to get 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID.

Get the led free vinyl tubing, that is the food grade tubing.

You can pick up about 20 feet for around $6.00.
It is cheaper than a replacement hose.

It isn't as soft as some of the others out there. IE the hose that comes from Katadyn for a Katadyn filter pump.

Don H
09-09-2013, 06:12
Don't know about the tubing you're using but I find that some tubing leaves a plastic taste. The Platypus tubing has a liner in it to prevent that.

Maui Rhino
09-10-2013, 18:31
When I had my son in a baby backpack carrier, I rigged up a second bite valve so he could drink water from the bladder using a 1/4" T fitting and two lengths of hose, along with two bite valves. He had to learn not to chew on the valve, but he loved drinking from it.

09-10-2013, 20:45
I actually like the osprey bite valves. I am changing all my bite valves to that style.


I like this one because the magnetic backing rocks. But there is this one too that is non magnetic.


all my other valves leak but this one doesn't seem to leak.

I am attempting to find a place that sells the soft plastic food grade tubing instead of the more stiff stuff. I would like to use the stiff stuff on the bottom of my filters and use the softer stuff on the upper parts of the filter and the bladders. But hey beggars can't be choosers.