View Full Version : Pack Torso: To size up or down?

09-12-2013, 13:34
If my torso is 19", should I go with a M (16"-19") or a L (19"-22") backpack?

09-12-2013, 13:41
My pack is one size fits all with an adjustable sliding thingy (technical term), but no matter how I adjust it, the straps stretch out and the hip belt always ends up slipping down. So I would say get the Medium so it has little chance of slipping off your hips. But I really am no expert.

09-12-2013, 13:56
I was on the cut line for M and L for my ULA pack. I was talked into the M. It killed me and I never got used to it. I gave it away and went with the L. Fit perfectly. YMMV

09-12-2013, 14:55
This reply refers also to NamTrag, and both gave good answers. I am looking at the GG Mariposa Plus, which allows for mixing and matching of packs and belts. The GG rep indicated that I should go with a M, but your response leads me to believe I should get the L. Thanks...!

09-12-2013, 15:23
Depends on the make and where you like the pack to sit. If its choosing between the two sizes, I would go with Large, but I also like for the pack to ride lower on my hips. I was in between on the Granite Gear packs and couldn't make it work. Worked it out with a Golite pack. Assuming you're not in a store where you can figure out which fit is best, I'd go with the large. Better yet, find another that is adjustable.

09-12-2013, 15:27
I would suggest you might want to try them both on with the heaviest amount of load you will be packing on the trail. Then you can see if the large ends up sagging down off your hips, or if the medium is too tight and cuts into your shoulders from the weight.

I am constantly hiking my pack up and tightening the hip belt, at least once an hour. I wish I had bought a sized pack instead of a one size fits all. If I let it ride low for long, my as starts getting sore! lol

Another Kevin
09-12-2013, 18:14
I have a pack with an adjustable torso. If it's too short, it kills my shoulders, of course. If it's not too short, then every hour or so I have to hike it up and adjust the hip belt. I adjust the sternum strap at the same time so that the ladder straps don't always rub on the same spots.

I thought that hiking up your pack and adjusting the hip belt was just one of those things that you do every so often, like taking a water break, adjusting bootlaces, wiping eyeglasses, scratching your ****, and so on.

Once you have all the rest of your gear, it's worthwhile visiting an outfitter in person to pick out a pack. That way you'll know that it fits your stuff, and you'll be able to try multiple models to see how they carry. Packs, like boots, really demand that you try them on and walk in them.

09-12-2013, 18:26
I'd go L before M. I'd much rather have a little space between my shoulders and the pack than have all the weight continually on my shoulders. I have an M REI Flash 50 that I like but it's an M and is about an inch too small...just doesn't work for me.

09-12-2013, 19:02
When I went to the outfitter (Travelcountry in Orlando) the sales rep explained it to me this way. All of the weight of the pack should rest on your hips, none of the weight should be pulling down on your shoulders. I too was in between sizes and went with the larger one and I'm glad I did. I got a GG Crown 60 and very happy with it.
The thing to be aware of is the belts come in different sizes and they are all interchangeable with the packs which come in different sizes. Be sure you get the right size belt too.

Rocket Jones
09-12-2013, 19:20
I'm on the borderline, so I bought a medium pack from REI. After a week or two of wearing it around, I decided that a large would fit better so I exchanged it. Best move for me.