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09-15-2013, 14:34
We are doing a section hike next week in SNP, can anyone tell me if the self-registration station near US33 is still in service? It's around 3 miles south of the South River picnic area which is where we'll hopping on the trail at.

2nd question(posted in shelter section also) Looking for current spring information for Pinefield Hut, if anyone has been by there recently?


09-15-2013, 16:07
There is a self registration kiosk at the Swift Run entrance station . Simply fill out a permit , attaching the white copy to your backpack and placing the other copies in the metal slot

It has been a wet summer and you should be in good shape in getting water at Pinefield .
If you want to be sure though you might look to camel up before getting there.

Going nobo there's a blue blaze trail with a trail marker 3.8 miles south of Pinefield Hut.
Take this trail 0.2 mile to the Ivy Creek PATC maintance shed
There is a piped spring there with water year round.
Going sobo , a few miles before Pinefield you'll cross the Skyline Drive at Simmons Gap ,there's a Ranger Station that has two faucets with free flowing water.

09-15-2013, 18:40
JBG, thanks for the info on the kiosk. Just wanted to make sure it is still in operation, because we are going to pass one via car on the way to South River picnic area. We'll sign in at the one I'm questioning about or at the gate on the way in the park. Whatever the ranger wants us to do.

We're heading southbound, and the ranger's station was already on the radar. We'll(I'll) will probably top off there just in case.

Thanks again,

09-15-2013, 20:14
No water issues, it was a very wet summer.