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09-17-2013, 17:01
A curious question has arised after my current arrangement with a shuttle provider, For section hikers, how far in advance do you make arrangements for a shuttle when you have planned out your section hike and know when your going? For shuttle providers, how far in advance do you like to have a section-hiker make plans with you for shuttling? I'm just trying to get a frame of reference for future planning. I always try to line a shuttle provider up about 30 days out of from my section hike. Understanding that if anything changes on my end in that time about the hike the shuttle provider won't be left hanging, ie: they get a phone call. I call again about a week out to comfirm that things are still a go and firm up any other information, this seems acceptable, doesn't it?


09-17-2013, 17:50
I like the way you do it! Especially the part about calling to confirm that we're still on a few days out. If I have a shuttle that's been on my schedule for a while and I don't hear from anyone 48 hours out I'll call - most especially if it's a pickup that requires me to leave Erwin.

30 days out is usually good - 60 days if you want a definite time/day/date but I've had shuttles scheduled more than 90 days out. It's all good.

09-17-2013, 21:39
About 1-2 weeks. Touch base several times to re-confirm nothing has changed. A few days out, then the same day, then an hour before to confirm still on time, etc.

I cant plan 1-2 months in advance. Well, I can but then it is highly likely to change due to work, or kids. The closer I let it get, the firmer it gets. Once Im pretty sure that barring really bad weather Im going, I can start calling.

Don H
09-17-2013, 21:58
I schedule shuttles 2 weeks out. I call to touch base a day before and then an hour or two before arrival at the pick up point.
Communications both ways is essential, always exchange numbers so either party can call if something comes up.

09-18-2013, 18:48
I also do the same thing too, about calling about one hour before meeting at designated location. And yes good communication is a must!!!!!!!!


09-18-2013, 19:41
I try to call as soon as my plans are finalized. Sometimes this means 60 days. Other times it is only hours before. Sometimes I get lucky with these short notices, other times I do not.

09-18-2013, 21:45
For longer trips, or more remote areas, I try to arrange at least 30 days in advance. For "easy" sections, I might wait till a week ahead.

Two lessons about shuttling and phone calls:
1. I usually take multiple shuttler phone numbers with me. If it's a longish section, I might take numbers for shuttlers in different areas. I never know if I might need them - it's happened.
2. Yes, it's good to call an hour or so before, but I'm learning to call a day ahead as well. Twice I have tried to call about an hour ahead, but by that time, I was in areas with very poor cell service (AT&T - yeah, I know...), and couldn't call. In one case, I missed a shuttle because he couldn't find me, and couldn't reach me.