View Full Version : WAHOO!!! I am $5800 richer!!!

Different Socks
09-22-2013, 22:22
I finally sold my powered paraglider after trying to sell it on ebay for the last 4 months!!! And didn't have to pay the $600 ebay fee b/c it was bought after the auction ended!! WAHOO!!! That much closer to my dream vacation of hiking Florida to Maine and back!!!

09-22-2013, 23:09
Congrats! Have a great hike!

Old Hiker
09-22-2013, 23:37
Can I borrow $10? I'll pay you back when I see you on the Trail. I swear.

Different Socks
09-22-2013, 23:39
Gladly lend the $10. Which mail drop, when and how will we meet when I won't be on the rail for at least 2 more years?

09-23-2013, 22:22
good job screwing ebay out of their $600! that's what they get for forcing paypal on the unsuspecting populace.