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01-06-2003, 11:29
Well what do you guys think about the Montrail Exceleace XCR.


Lightweight, waterproof, and synthetic tops that don't absorb a gallon of water like leather. Also has over the ankle support which I like more for the water proofing when trucking through mud and water than actual support. Skeptical about ratcheting strap on back of ankle though. I'm also wondering about how much of a packweight this bayby can support. I'll have a 30-34 pound pack... (including food (6days)/water(2quarts)/fuel(20fl. oz. Methanol)) on the first day, but under twenty by the 6th.

I was also looking at the Storm GTX,


But it has a leather upper which turns me off...

Lone Wolf
01-06-2003, 11:43
I've hiked in Montrail COMPS the last 2 years carrying 35-40 lbs. max. and had no problems carrying that weight. And I'm a big sumbitch too! Those XCRs should be no problem for you.

01-06-2003, 11:48
Thanks LoneWolf, I'm just about sold on these Excelerace light-weight waterproof boots. I'm going to wait a few more months though before purchasing them. Too cold for snowshoeing! And maybe something better will emerge.

I've swam through the product specs at Montrail, Merrell, Saloman, and Vasque, and these have been the best match so far to what I want.

My Merrell Winterra's are holding up great right now. I've got about 100 miles of snowshoeing & 6" post-holeing on them. the only thing I dislike about them so far is their lack of flexibility. But when in the snowshoe, I appreciate this. The toe box is just right for me too. Any smaller and they would be uncomfortable though.

My Vasque Clarion GTX 3-Season boots are starting to let me down. It's been 300-400 miles now. I wore them while shoveling 3 days ago, and the leather outters are still soaked after sitting indoors for this period of time. I'm also getting sick of glueing the rubber outsole to the leather upper on the toe too. They will most likely go in the emergency back-up slot in the corner of my room. I'm going to try my hand (well feet) at montrails this spring/summer/fall. Their design features really appeal to me.

Blue Jay
01-06-2003, 11:53
I have used the Montrial Storm and the Huricane Ridge (both GTX). I liked them both, although the Huricanes wore out too fast in the Whites and Southern Maine. The small patch of unprotected fabric near the toe wore through on the rocks. They were still waterproof until the inner liner wore through. I spoke to several Thrus who also wore them. The average was 3 pairs per Thruhike. Not bad for a Trial Runner. I have not tried the new design yet but I certainly will. My next pair is the Merrill GTX. I carry more weight than you, so I do not believe any of them will be a problem for you.

01-06-2003, 12:23
I have used Montrail Vittesse trail runners for 2 years now, and they were the best shoes I have used packpacking. I put over 900 miles on them both on the AT and other hiking trails besides wearing them for everyday use around home. At any rate, that is the only model I have used, but Montrail did a great job with them. The pack weight did not bother me in the least with that model. Let us know if you do purchase them and try them, since I will soon be in the market for a new pair. I will either go with them or the New Balance 804's I think the next ones I buy. Happy Trails..... Ed

Lone Wolf
01-06-2003, 13:33
Speaking of footwear, I was just in Mt. Rogers Outfitters here in Damascus and they have 3 or 4 styles of Montrails as well New Balance and Lowa all on sale. Call them if you know exactly what you want and they will set you up with sweet deals. Time to make room for new product so the stuff has to go. They have a website. 276-475-5261