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09-26-2013, 00:03
A newbie on the thread, but excited to be here and read all the post. What a great site and thread!

So thought it would be neat to have a thread just for February 2014 starters! Good idea? Bad? Seems most early goers are nervous about weather, equipment, clothing......in other words, how the hell to keep warm for 6 weeks! :)

I'm leaving on Feb 16th, cause I have my own business and need to get back eventually. I do like getting out there early and have more solitude. Not big into crowded trails, plus I rather hike more in 30 degree weather than 100.

Would love to hear from more of you that are taking this adventure on starting in February!


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09-26-2013, 00:17
I started 3/4 this year and it had it's share of cold/snow. The late Feb starters had it pretty rough. I met many late Feb starters on the trail and they seemed no worse for the wear.

My advise would be to start when you want but have a plan should the weather turn nasty. My plan was to hotel up which I did in Gatlinburg when the Smokies got smoked.