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09-27-2013, 18:24
I am a pretty inexperienced hiker only having done it a few time. I have never brought a safety kit with me ever. I'm thinking of putting one together for the few trips I go on and was just wondering what you guys bring. Thanks for the help

09-27-2013, 19:31
I carry a pretty extensive kit, because I am responsible for others. If I look at what I've used out of my kit for the last 8 years or so, my essentials are:
Duct tape
Krazy glue
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Ibuprofen and aspirin
Immodium and Gas-X

Band-aids are a waste of time and money. Duct tape will actually adhere, and you can stuff toilet paper or a cotton ball between the wound and the tape, if you like.

Those supplies, along with improvised field expedients, provided first aid for everything from a broken wrist to blisters to hot spots, to minor cuts to the near disastrous results of freeze-dried Mexican food night (whoever came up with freeze dried refrained beans has a date in The Hague to answer for this crime against humanity).

kayak karl
09-27-2013, 20:49
duct tape and hand sanitizer

liberty lover
09-27-2013, 21:30
The duct tape and hand sanitizer as earlier posted are essential.I also carry muscle cream,like Ben-gay,to help with cramps etc.and to cover up that hiker funk.

09-28-2013, 06:21
thanks for the info guys

09-28-2013, 07:50
Don't Panic, and carry a towel. (Beat you to it, Marta!)

Seriously, the best thing you can have is a cool head. If you lose your cool, it doesn't matter squat what's in your pack.

I consider the most important thing I carry to be my insulation and the ability to keep it dry. I always think, on any outing, "What'll happen if I have to spend the night?" Staying warm and dry is tops on my list. Second is bringing whatever I need to stay found. Water is up there, too, depending on where I am. And I carry a very small first aid kit, single edged razor blade, and headlamp nearly everywhere.

Oh yeah--toilet paper.

09-28-2013, 12:29
I pitch my tent in the same camp as garlic. People spend way too much time worring about the wrong stuff. When I'm backpacking, my pack and its contents are my safety kit and I don't carry a seperate emergency kit. When day hiking, carry the ten essentials--opinions vary but this usually includes: pocket knife, hat, water, compass, whistle, rain gear, food, first aid items, flashlight, fire starting items, cell phone, tp, bug/sun suff, etc..... It is quite easy to wander from an established trail and spend an unintended night out. I once was lost for a short time on the way back from the out house, well it was dark!

I always have at least a belt pack with me that has a nylon poncho/tarp with short cords pre-attached to pitch it quickly, small first aid with some otc meds sun and bug stuff and chapstick, a lighter, small knife, snacks and water, kleenex. I use a small metal water bottle that can boil water over a fire and there are a few treatment tabs in the first aid kit. I choose my clothes based on worst expected weather. I usually have a bandana in my pocket. With these things I know I would be safe and comfortable--until the snacks run out then I would make every effort to get 'found'.

I pack a lot of experience and some of it cost a lot to get. I would say that if you are worried about what might happen to you out there find some other people to go with you for a few hikes. Even if they are novices as well the company will give you peace of mind.