View Full Version : Yipppeeee - I'm Psyched Today

01-06-2003, 12:11
I am sooooooo psyched right now. Told my boss this morning I was going hiking AGAIN. Last hurdle before hitting the trail in March. Damn... someone speed up the calendar. Can't wait to get back to Springer and start North again. Hope to see all of you on the trail!


Team GAK
01-06-2003, 14:55
Hey Moose -

I'm at work sitting on my big fat ..... chair, just as envious as I can be. Good Luck and maybe when you get to the whites we'll see you on the trail during one of our day hikes.

I don't remember any bad days, just a few hard ones.

01-06-2003, 16:19
I'm GREEN with envy and second Gak's comment;
see you in the Whites on weekends or possibly VT or ME during a section hike!!!!!

01-06-2003, 21:47
WELLLLL....just PEEEE on ALL of you! I'm remodeling my house and don't have time for CRAP! Just PEEEEEEEEEE on you! :D :D
PA...LEEEEEASE take me!?!?!?