View Full Version : Has anyone tried this bladder?

10-09-2013, 16:55
I found this bladder and it makes perfect sence to me.

I have an Osprey Atmos 65 with the curved back. I also have the old Osprey bladder, a 3L. Filled up it takes up considerable room, and with the s-curve of the pack it is wasted space. Since the side pockets are pretty useless of a water bottle, I thought this may work.

On the AT you do not need 3L however in other places you do.

Here is the link.


I know it opens the whole bottles vs bladder debate and I'm not into that. I know what works for me.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated and very welcome.


kayak karl
10-09-2013, 17:10
3 liters of water take up the same space regardless of the container. that bladder is about 3 oz heavier then others.

Turkey Sandwich
10-09-2013, 17:18
When I worked at EMS, I saw far more of these get returned for broken valves and a host of other problems than the Camelbaks and Ospreys. I wouldn't recommend it.

Maui Rhino
10-09-2013, 17:45
I haven't tried that bladder, but I just bought a 1L kangaroo bladder from Source, which I have only used once. My friends in the tactical gear industry love Source bladders for their ruggedness and low profile. My bladder came with their Storm bite valve, and not the Helix valve on the one you are looking at. The Storm valve is a pull-on/push-off valve, and not a true "bite" valve such as the Camelbak valve I am used to. I like the Storm valve well enough for hiking, but prefer a bite valve when I am cycling for true hands-free hydration. I also bought their UTA and Storm valve upgrade kit. The UTA allows me to fill a bladder from a faucet or tap without removing it from my pack. My Sawyer Squeeze (http://www.rei.com/product/837825/sawyer-all-in-one-water-filter) All-In-One kit also came with a similar tap adapter. When I compared weights, the UTA was .5oz lighter than the white bulb on the Saywer Tap Adapter. The fittings used to attach the UTA and Storm valve are a no-leak version of the Sawyer Fast Fill Hydration Adapter Kit (http://www.rei.com/product/858765/sawyer-fast-fill-hydration-pack-adapter-kit) and are interchangeable. I attached the UTA to the grey fitting of the Sawyer Inline Adapter (http://www.rei.com/product/837889/sawyer-inline-adapter-water-filter-connections) with a piece of hose. With the Storm Valve on my bladder, I can quickly and easily remove the valve, and connect either directly to the UTA, or hook in the Sawyer to filter as I fill my bladder.

10-09-2013, 19:20
I have no problem with the ruggedness of the Nalgene OSprey bladder that I have. You are righ 3L are 3L no matter which way you slice it. I'm trying to get rid of the Balloon in my back and have it be a lower profile so I can get more gear in. It also makes more sensce since the weight is distributed over a greater area.

I appreciate any information. Thanks for your replies.......keep them coming!