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10-10-2013, 18:19
I'm planning a short 2 day hike next weekend, Dennis Cove to 19E and was thinking about leaving the tent at home and staying at Vango Abby Hostel. I've been calling all week and just getting a busy signal or their voice mail.

Just wondering from people who have stayed there, how much room is there? The only info I can get is they have a 2 story bunkhouse, do you think it will be filled up this time of year? Do they have more than 20 bunks?

I kinda want to save some weight and not take my tent but if there is a possibilty of a crowded house, I'll bring it.

max patch
10-10-2013, 20:49
Companion has everything you need to know.

Email is in Companion so should be ok to show here:

[email protected]

Bunkhouse supposed to sleep 6. Also has a private room. I'll get on my soapbox and state that even if you have a prepaid guaranteed reservation you should bring some type of shelter. Murphys Law can strike at any time.

10-10-2013, 21:26
dont leave home without it. its an insurance policy.

Tennessee Viking
10-10-2013, 21:29
You can probably make it in one long day hike.

From what I think I have heard, Vango Abby is basically a walk-in hostel. Scott is usually out and about during the day.

If all else you can call Mtn Harbour and get a quick shuttle out. Or just stay Mountaineer Falls.

10-11-2013, 09:07
Thanks, I've tried both phone and email, no answer. No problem, just wanted to ask someone who has been there recently, I know the companion says it sleeps 6, just wondering if anything has changed in the last year.

I always take my tent, but since I was going out just for one night with short mileage I thought I could make it to the hostel and have a lighter pack without it.

I've hiked that section several times and never stayed with Scotty, I've seen him out on the trail.
I just wanted to make sure he had the hostel open next weekend, you never know.

I don't need a lecture on tent or no tent, just wanted to ask someone who has been there this year how much room he had.