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10-13-2013, 13:30
Hello to all,

My question is how well marked is the MST in the section from MT. Mitchell to Grandfather Mtn? I will be heading in a eastern direction. I know it goes past Linville Gorge but my intention is not to decend into it. That is for another day.

I always bring a map and compass but I would like to know if it marked at this point. I could always get better with my navigational skills.

I will need to buy the MST trail guide from Taba Ward.

All replies are greatly appreciated and very welcome.


10-17-2013, 10:07
I have hiked from Black Mtn Campground (base of Mt. Mitchell) to US 221 just before the gorge. It was well blazed and easy to follow – water isn’t overly plentiful though. Some nice views of Grandfather and Linville Gorge on little side trails after you cross over BRP at Buck’s Creek Gap. I have never hiked it but have heard that Linville Gorge can be a little tricky to navigate. It is a Wildernesss Area and therefore no blazes and there are apparently a bunch of criss-crossing trails that often lead nowhere. However, with the book and a compass you should be fine. Also, as long as you stay on the rim you might could use visual landmarks to help you decide which forks to take.

10-17-2013, 19:26
The trail is not hard to follow. The biggest issue for getting 'lost' would be getting off on one of the side trails. The MST, as with most of the trails in the region is well warn/define. It is hard to 'lose' the trail, unless you are there during winter months. The MST has markers at most of the trail junctions and all of the times it crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway.

10-20-2013, 10:59
Hey Folks,

Was just up at Mt. Mitchell yesterday. Did the Mt. Mitchell trail and camped at Comissary Ridge. was going to stay at Black mountain campground. But it was closed, due to Gov. Shut dowon. So I when I got up there Thursday night, I camped off of of USFS rd 2074, which I assumed is part of the MST by the dots. I was originally going to take Colbert trail and do part of the Crest trail. Have to save this for a latter date.

I was hoping to do this around thankgiving weekend.

I see that there are parts that are well marked with dots and some are not. Would Taba's book be helpful in this regards?

I have a nat geo map, are there any other maps that you would recommend.

Everytime I go hiking in western NC, I'm reminded of how rugged and beutiful the mountains are.

Thank you for your reply and any other information would be most helpful.


10-20-2013, 14:42
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10-27-2013, 14:14
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