View Full Version : New Soda Shoppe in Unionville, NY

Baby Blue
08-17-2005, 19:26
There is a new restaurant in Unionville, NY. They just opened last week and they are super nice folks. It's an old fashioned soda shop, with Ice Cream, sandwiches, and breakfast. It's right across the street from the Village Park. Check it out if you're passing through!

08-18-2005, 19:14
i stopped in a bar in unionville ny may 2004,it had a so called hostel,more like
a store room with shelfs in it lol,the back track inn i think it was called,i ate a cheese burger and pizza,it was great:cool: neo

08-18-2005, 20:20
That's cool. I liked Unionville. Overnighted there on my thru in 2003 and found the towns people to be down right friendly. I was in the bar the night that the "no smoking in public places" went into effect. Lot's of locals in "nicotene withdrawall" and making up for it with alcohol intake. It was quite a scene.