View Full Version : Watch your step......... HIKER RESCUED

10-19-2013, 19:57

Emergency responders rescued a hiker who fell about 30 feet down a cliff along the Appalachian Trail in eastern Pennsylvania.

Authorities say the woman lost her footing Saturday while sightseeing with a group at the Berks County site known as the Pinnacle.

Kempton fire chief Matthew Brett says the woman was airlifted to a hospital near Allentown.

Her condition could not be obtained Saturday afternoon.

10-19-2013, 20:00
FTR, the trail itself is nowhere near an edge.

kayak karl
10-19-2013, 20:58
it's not, but how many walk up there and don't walk out past the rock pile for a view. they were site seeing.

Old Hiker
10-19-2013, 21:41
KK, can I steal.............., I mean, borrow your tag line for my 6th graders and their Science projects?

Hope the lady is doing well.

10-19-2013, 22:38
FTR, the trail itself is nowhere near an edge.

had she, or someone in that same spot on another occasion, died, I wonder how that would statistically figure into that inane long running debate we had around here about what constitutes a death "on the trail" or not.

Wise Old Owl
10-19-2013, 22:56
Very lucky to be alive.. that cliff appears to be a bigger fall than what is written here. Very sad to hear, take a look at the height of the trees and keep in you are looking down...