View Full Version : washing big stuff

10-23-2013, 23:06
I have a elderly dog with a urinary incontinence problem. wooden floors easy enough to mop up after, but the car camping sleeping bag she lays on gets real funky real fast. so I throw it in the tub occasionally. Won't fit in the washing machine. finally figured out to turn on the jacuzzi instead of all the hand churning. Lots of air pockets, so still had to push the bag under the water. but the hand churning with the pumped water was an improvement.

Wise Old Owl
10-23-2013, 23:36
I can guess you aren't jumping in the jacuzzi so much... eeew, Natures Miracle is well recommended - but that is the internet... I use a $600 ozinator machine or you can use a can of Ozium at $20 ,,, cheap is White vinegar in the wash... there is your start... for looking up.