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10-25-2013, 05:15
where can you get the tiny containers of shampoo, tooth paste etc,
I don't plan on spending money on motels if I don't have to.
Will a motel sell a couple of shampoos , & tiny soaps
Will a motel sell a shower only, truck stop style
Thanks for your input.

10-25-2013, 05:24
Pretty much any store sells travel-sized toiletries these days. And there are indeed hostels, hotels and campgrounds in towns along the trail that will let you shower for a fee or free.

Lone Wolf
10-25-2013, 05:41
CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, etc.

10-25-2013, 06:16
Walk up to the front desk of any decent hotel and simply ask for whatever you want. They will give you anything from showercaps to sewing kits. You needn't lie about being a guest.

10-25-2013, 07:11
A 1/2 bar of hotel size soap will work as well on your head as the rest of you, and will last you the whole way.

10-25-2013, 16:51
Dollar stores regularly sell travel size toiletries as well.

10-25-2013, 17:55
You might not want to spend much money on Motels, but I can pretty much guaranette that you will.

That said, I always carry a small bar of a dense soap and some liquid soap. There are places where you can score a shower, but soap is no where to be found. Also, a lot of hostels only use the liquid "body wash" soap which I can't stand. Or all the soap has been used up and no one has bothered to replace it.

You can get a Walmart or Dollar store often enough to replace soap and they all carry travel sizes.

10-25-2013, 17:55
Hiker boxes commonly contain these items.

10-25-2013, 18:12
Hiker boxes commonly contain these items.


10-25-2013, 18:40
Travel sizes in any grocery or drug store.

If mail order is your thing check out Minimus -- http://www.minimus.biz/