View Full Version : Resupply options near Troutdale

10-30-2013, 15:27
Is there any viable resupply options for Troutdale ? I read where Jerry's Kitchen & Goods closed prior to thru hiker season last year. Has anyone reopened it since then ?

I thought of sending food drops to possibly one or two places along the trail in this tough south central section for resupplying. I know 4 Pines does drops but am more concerned with resupply points further south after Pearisburg. Should I plan a food drop at Woods Hole instead ?

Planning for early spring hike of several weeks, maybe three so I've time to further research it but thought I'd tap into the wealth of knowledge here also.

10-30-2013, 16:42
When I hiked thru that area in May 2012, there was a shuttle bus that took hikers from the Mt Rogers HQ to the Walmart in Marion. If the bus will be running during your hike, you only need one extra day to go from Troutdale to Partnership Shelter.

10-31-2013, 02:08
I agree that that's one of the weirdest stretches on the whole AT for resupply--none of the options really stand out for convenience. There was a short thread on it almost two years ago: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?79762-Troutdale-gt-Pearisburg-Best-resupply-point(s)

10-31-2013, 07:35
Yeah. It's a tough spot to get stuff. Maybe pick up a box in Atkins or grab some items at the gas station there? You could also try hitching a ride or grabbing a bus/cab? to Marion from there. A bus from Partnership sounds even better.

10-31-2013, 08:23
There are two options from Dickey Gap, where the AT kisses VA 16. The trail crosses a gravel FS road that goes West to Hurricane Campground. From that crossing, walk East 100 yards to Va 16 (you can see it from the trail.)

North on Va 16 (left as you approach the road) is the small town of Sugar Grove. There is a country grocery store with limited resupply.

South on Va 16 (to the right) is Troutdale, where as you noted, the grocery store has shut down. However, go another 3.6 past Troutdale to Fox Creek General Store (7116 Troutdale Highway, 276-579-6033. Open M-F 7-7, Sa 7-6. Groceries, Deli with sandwiches, pizza, and occasional barbecue. Short term resupply. Deli closes 30 minutes before store.) Nice little place, limited resupply, friendly people.

The best option is to wait for Marion, where there are many large grocery stores. As noted above, it is possible to get a cheap public transit shuttle from the Mt Rogers HQ building (Partnership Shelter.) There is a phone outside the HQ, and the number is listed nearby.