View Full Version : water at bake oven shelter?

11-04-2013, 10:48
hi all:
thanks in advance for your input.
i have a group of four older scouts from my troop, doing a 50 miler over thanksgiving holiday. they are planning on getting water from bake ovens spring. the last time i walked through that area was two summers ago and the spring was dry.

does anyone know if water is available there now?

punkin pie
12-29-2013, 13:30
If I remember correctly there were 3 springs at Bake Oven Knob Shelter. They progress down hill. On my through hike this year we had to go to the last spring to find water. It had an outstanding flow of very good water. The problem was, it was about .9 of a mile below the shelter. A long walk for sure.
Also there is no privy at that shelter. Walking through the woods near the shelter was like walking through a mine field. When we stayed there we had to clear out the liqour bottles and trash before we could spend the night.