View Full Version : VA603/Fox Creek VA to Erwin TN

11-09-2013, 13:01
I was just browsing thru my awol guide for a early to mid april trip and I noticed that the trail heading southbound from fox creek to Erwin is relatively "flat" if you will except for a few climbs around roan, unaka, and getting into grayson highland. If so being around 165 miles does that seem like a stretch for a 2 week period?? I have covered 15mpd fairly well from Erwin and south so far. Just curious???

11-09-2013, 13:57
Piece of cake. I want to go.

11-09-2013, 21:18
Piece of cake. I want to go.

Do it!! :) Sounds like a great hike for you in April Duramax22!

11-09-2013, 21:59
We did this hike last March...in 3 feet of snow. :) That was a new one for us. Otherwise, it's a great hike with some great views on the balds. Check out Greasy Creek Friendly, any of the hostels in Damascus, and Black Bear Resort or Bob People's place. So many great stops on this hike!