View Full Version : Batona Shuttle

11-11-2013, 23:07
Hello, All,

Realize this is not for the AT, but I thought more people might see it here. Looking to do two hikes on the Batona Trail on either Nov. 19 (Tues.), Nov. 21 (Thurs), or Nov. 22 (Fri.). First will be from Ong's Hat to Route 72, second from Route 72 definitely to Route 532, possibly to Carranza Memorial depending on how the first hike goes. Anyone who would either be available one of these days around 9 to 9:30 AM to do a shuttle, or else can point me to someone else who might be able to, would be greatly appreciated. Will of course provide compensation. I've checked with Kayak Karl, and he might be able to do it, but maybe not, so anyone else who could help would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me. Thanks!