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11-12-2013, 10:39
Hi everyone. Just was looking at the MST website, pondering a 7 day trip in the mountains, and I read the descriptions of sections 9-11 (Mt Mitchell area through Linville Gorge area). It would be me, my wife and a small group of friends, and none of us are high mileage hikers. These sections total 71 miles, so I was thinking we might be able to average 10 a day and get through it in 7 days. None of us has ever hiked in the vicinity, so we have no clue what to expect.

Just wondering if the weather in mid-May in that area is still cold (probably can be, I am sure), and what kinds of views we would have, availability of campsites, and parking on either end of these sections. We would probably set up our own shuttle, so we could have a day on either end as a cushion in case we go too slow.

If this section isn't the best in your opinion, what section(s) would you recommend for 10 mile per day backpackers who enjoy camp just as much as the hike itself?

11-14-2013, 20:59
I live near the gorge and MST and I've never seen snow after an April Easter. May we get warm and in June you can see 80 degrees at 3k feet. It will get cool at night. Maybe 30s but like I said rarely below freezing after Easter.

The gorge views will be much different thanks to the 300+ acre wildfire that is only 5% contained. It started at Table Rock picnic area and has branched from there.

11-15-2013, 01:53
Get TABBA'S guide to the MST http://www.thru-hiker.us/Home to start your planning. Resupply will be a bigger issue than the weather except for maybe rain. May hiking will be good with amazing views. Section 12 through the Wilson's Creek wilderness and section 13 across Grandfather Mountain should be considered as well. Campsites will be plentiful and there is parking access at each section. Section 10 is a dry 10 mile ridge walk but great views. Section 11 after you cross the North Catawba River going up to Dobson's knob is an underrated area for views. The two best maps I have found for sections 9-11 are the Mount Mitchell and Linville Gorge Wilderness maps by the US Forest Service (Pisgah National Forest).

11-15-2013, 11:06
Thanks, guys! I ordered Taba's guide on Tuesday and it's already on its way...I can't wait to plan this out. I will try to get those USFS maps as well.

11-15-2013, 12:46
is this the Mt Mitchell map you recommend, Grits?


Also would the Trails Illustrated map of Mt Mitchell and Linville Gorge work as well?

11-15-2013, 22:25
That is the right map for Mt. Mitchell. I like the USSFS topo maps 1:24,000 because they give better road and trail head access points along with grid coordinates and trail routes and descriptions. I am sure the trails illustrated maps would work also.