View Full Version : R.I.P Phreak

11-12-2013, 18:33
I'm sure a lot of people who visit this site know or know of Phreak. Phreak lost his battle with cancer today. Prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.

11-12-2013, 18:36
prayers from me as well.

Rocket Jones
11-12-2013, 18:40
Sad news. My good thoughts headed out to his family.

11-12-2013, 18:44
Very sad news. Phreak was a real good guy. My prayers go out to his family. Including Maggie & Suzi, a couple of great dogs.

11-12-2013, 19:20
That is too bad. I really enjoyed meeting him. He had a passion for pushing the limits that was contagious.

11-12-2013, 19:32
Hiked many trail miles wth Brian...My heart is heavy hearing this news...RIP brother.

11-12-2013, 20:20
My condolences to Phreak family and friends.

Minutes after loosing my sister in 2010 to cancer, I heard the following eel's song. Whenever I hear of a loss due to cancer or simply someone in the fight, I am instantly reminded of both my sister and a very fitting song. (The song is about E's sisters suicide.)


11-12-2013, 20:35

Link to Phreaks profile page (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/member.php?5513-Phreak).

11-12-2013, 20:43
Oh man, WAY too young.

11-12-2013, 20:57
I never met Phreak, but we corresponded much over the years. He loved the outdoors, hiking and trail running with a zest of life that showed through.

So young. :(

He'll be missed.

11-12-2013, 21:22
He was an incredible athlete and a good guy.

My heartfelt condolences to his family.

11-12-2013, 21:44
For each of you that knew him and are missing a friend --


11-12-2013, 23:02
I met Phreak on '05 on the section that I used to maintain in SNP. My sympathy to his sister and the rest of his family. He fought this disease courageously.

Chaco Taco
11-13-2013, 06:34
I'm sure a lot of people who visit this site know or know of Phreak. Phreak lost his battle with cancer today. Prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.
Been following his battle via facebook and he gave it one hell of a fight right up to the end and never lost sight of what REALLY matters. Had the pleasure of hiking in Georgia with Phreak. Rest well Phriend.

11-13-2013, 08:08
Cancer sucks. Thoughts and prayers to his family. :(

Valley Girl
11-13-2013, 11:08
My condolences.

John B
11-13-2013, 12:06
Awful news. So sorry for his family, pets, and friends.

double d
11-13-2013, 14:06
Phreak was a very good guy-he was a person who truly loved life, I'm sorry to hear of his passing at only the age of 42.

11-13-2013, 15:33
Wow, that is so sad to see. While cancer sucks, dying sucks a lot more. My memory of his posts was that he was an ego-less hiking machine with a great perspective on hiking and life. I certainly would have liked to have hiked with him, although he would've likely left me in the dust. RIP.

Mr HaHa
11-13-2013, 17:01
I have enjoyed his many photographs over the years.

11-13-2013, 18:37
So sorry to hear that. Prayers for his friends and family.

Another Kevin
11-13-2013, 20:53
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11-13-2013, 22:16
Praying for his family!! I love being part of a hiking family .

11-13-2013, 22:31
Prayers and sympathy for family and friends.

11-14-2013, 16:09
Wow I had no idea!! I'm so so sorry to hear this :(

11-14-2013, 18:30
RIP Phreak Over the years I have enjoyed his photos and posts. His Family and friends are in my thoughts.

11-16-2013, 13:07
My Condolences to Phreak and his family.

12-21-2013, 11:19
I'm late finding out about Phreak. Got the word from Marta this morning. I'm saddened by the news. Phreak and I were hiking partners and friends. He was a great guy. We shared many experiences and magical trail moments. I'm going to miss him.